• ♫♫【PLAY PIANO ON A REAL PLANT】There is a thermal and touch sensor inside the music plant pot, you can play corresponding notes by touch the flowers or leafs. Everyone is a pianist having this plant piano.There is more to the life than meet the eyes.
  • ♫♫【AS A PLANT POT WITH A HOLE】 Growing flowers,succulen,cactus,etc in this 4.8'' x 4.8'' plant container brings great pleasure, makes our lives more enjoyable and colorful. And there is a weep hole on the bottom of the Flowerpot to drain redundant water. Brings you a lot of fun.
  • ♫♫【AS A BLUETOOTH SPEAKER】The musical pots that fit for Echo Dot,iPhone,iPad,iPod any Bluetooth devices has built-in a 5W speaker and a 1200mAh polymer lithium battery that provides about 12 hours music playtime. And you're ready to rock.
  • ♫♫【AS A DESK CLOCK & MUSIC BOX】 There is a built-in digital screen in the front of the music flowerpot with back-light. You can easily read the time from the desk clock. Taking full control of your time.Also the art of life,it is beautiful to be put on your desk,table,kitchen,bedroom and office,etc.
  • ♫♫【AS A MOOD LIGHT & HOME DECOR】7 colors are integrated into one lamp. They all seems like neon lights flash in the dark night.Playing some soft music,it will be a perfect mood light and romantic magic when dining with the one you love.Romance is everywhere.
❤♫ Play Piano on a Real Plant -Touch and play
She's a Bluetooth Speaker, an Atmosphere Lamp,a Flowerpot,a Fancy Desk Clock and a Decompression Toy.
You can simply connect it with your device via Bluetooth and make it a Music Player.
You can place it in your bedroom as a bedside lamp.
You can grow flowers in the Pot.
You can read the time in the dark night .
You can play a note by touching the flower or leaf.

❤♫ FAQ:
What plants can we plant?
The flowerpot cannot grow the large plants but small ones such as chrysanthemum,snake plant,scindapsus aureus,butterfly orchid,clusia rosed etc.It apply for office,desk,bedside table,restaurant.
How can I grow plants to play music on these plants?
After planting the flowers,put the plant pot aside for about 2-3 mins,wait for the algorithm to adapt the environment.Then touch your plants it will play music.

❤♫ Specification:
Product Dimensions: 4.8 inchx4.8 inch/ 12cm*12mm
Charging Parameters:5V/1A
Charge Time:About 4hours
Play Time: About 12Hours

❤♫ Notice:
★ 1.Low power consumption design,if the charging cable is removed and no one touch the plant ,it will auto turn off in 15min. In night light mode, the auto turn off time will be 30min. If the charge - cable pluged in, it will be turn on all the time.
★ 2.If you turn it on and found the light flash 3 times, that means the battery is low, and you need to charge it asap.
★ 3.If you cannot turn it on , then try to plug in the charge cable and wait for 10min then it will work again.