• 4 in 1 Smart Music Flower Pot:It's a bluetooth speaker with crisp and clear sound quality.Built-in 15 piano tunes like a musical box for kids and girls.Also it is a flower pot which is suitable for little plants.Again it's a night light for bedroom/living room/home/office.
  • To Play piano on a Real Plant.It can do this because there is a sensor in the pot itself.Under playing mode when you power it on,you can play your taps through each flower leaf like a piano.Built-in 15 piano piece which can be switched according to your favor.
  • Automatical turning off function.The flower pot will be powered off automatically in 10 minutes without any operation in both light and play mode.
  • Waterproof and No-worries playing.This flower pot speaker is waterproof.Water your plant normally and it still works great.There is a water outlet in the base.It has 3 non slip pads on the bottom so it will not tip over easily.
  • Ultra-long Playing Time:The big battery of 1200mah is enough for light and playing mode.It can be played for 12 hours and full-charged in 4 hours.Please choose original MOVTEKE brand.
MOVTEKE Music Flower Pot Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 7 LED Soft Colors for Home/Office/Living Room

How to Play Piano Tunes on the Plant?
Long press the switch button and hear the piano tune.This is for playing mode.
Make sure the plant is prepared and water it good.Please use the plant according to the user
manual recommendation.After plant's preparation,you can play different piano tunes through
each plant leaf.To get the tune you want by putting the Next button.

How to Switch on/off the Light?
It's easy to set up.Long press the light button.The green light flashed several times.Turn
on the light-touching funtion.The night light can be swtiched or turned off by touching the
plant.Once again,press the light button and the red light flashed a few times,which is to
turn off the light-touching function.
How to Connect the Bluetooth Speaker?
Long press the swich button and hear the piano tune.Then press again the switch button.It
will enter bluetooth connectting mode.Open your bluetooth of smart phone,find K3 and connect
it.You can enjoy the music at once.Short press the switch button to close the bluetooth

Product specification:
Speaker parameter:50mm5W3
Signal to noise ratio:90dB
Frequency response range:20-20KHz
Bluetooth transmitting distance:10M
Battery capacity:1200mah
Working voltage:3.7V
Charging parameter:5V 1A
Charging time:About 4Hours
Playing time:About 12 hours
Product size:114x114x117mm

Package includes:
1x Music Flower Pot
1x USB cable
1x User manual