• Magic Plant Piano ※This is a smart pot which can play music , you can plant any plants you like, watering, fertilizing, our pots can burst out of different wonderful notes by touching the leaves of plants , just like you are playing a piano. Meanwhile, a warm ring light will twinkle along with the rhythm.
  • As a Bluetooth Speaker※It can connect with Bluetooth device like your phone, easy to play the music you like. let your green plant listen to music, which is helpful for its growth.Make more fun and really suit for music lovers. Special design abounding in sense of art offers an amiable aesthetic feeling, very lovable. ABS sturdy material, beautiful curve appearance, whether in the bed, work desk, or table, it is a perfect decoration, It can also let you play and relax at any time!
  • Colorful Aperture Light※ It has different lighting modes with special buttons on the flowerpot for a variety of different scenes. You can also switch and control the lights by touching the leaves of your plants. The rhythm of the music is flashing. flower pot can also be used as a Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite music.
  • Two work modes※Music play mode & night light mode. Touch the plant then it will give you light and sound response. Night light mode :long touch the plant to open the night light model ,the warm and soft light will company with you during the bedtime.
  • Best gift※Plant, Music, Night Light 3-in-1,You won't find such unique brilliant gift from other place in the world. Grow a plant under your meticulous care by your hand or transplant flowers on this flowerpot, send it to the one you love as a festival gift.

This is a creative product that makes the plants more vivid. It use a sensor
pluged into the soil,that can detect your touching of the plants.
After turn on,short touch will trigger the light and music (Play mode), long
touch will keep the light on(Night light mode).

Speaker: 5Watts
Weight: 400g
Product Dimensions: 117mm*114mm*114mm
Charging Parameters: 5V/1A
Charge Time: About 4hours
Play Time: About 12Hours
Color: Light bule /Pink/White for choice

1.The product have low power consumption design, there is no turn off
button.If the Charging cable is removed ,it will auto turn off in 15min if
no one touch the plant. In night light mode, the time will be 30min. If
the charge - cable pluged in, it will not turn off. 2.If you turn on it and found the light blink 3 times, that means the battery is
low, and need to charge.
3.If you found cannot turn on it , then try to plug in the charge cable and
wait for 10min then try to turn on it.
4.Different plants and soil water content will have the different touch
sensitivity , if you found no touch response, then please check if the
plants are high water content plants , or the soil is wet enough.If there
is a strong electromagnetic interference sourse just like electric motor,
Microwave oven, induction cooker, will also cause it work abnormally.
5.After watering ,changing the plant or changing the place, if you found no
touch response,then please keep it aside for 1 min then try to touch it

Package include:
1*music flowerpot ( This product does not contain plants)
1* USB Charger
1* User Manual