• POWERFUL SOUND- NO distortion at 100% volume. Experience 300 WATTS of crystal clear sound. Hammer Bass technology magnifies the IMPACT of bass frequencies, while Drone FX ENHANCES the detail in the entire frequency range. Technology that works together to create the best listening experience!
  • * BLUETOOTH 4.0- Easily pair your phone, tablet or computer with the latest Bluetooth technology. Seamlessly connects to any iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows device.
  • * SUBWOOFER - Built in 5.25 inch WOOFER made entirely of aramid fiber. The upper suspension ring is made of highly elastic rubber, allowing larger displacement sensitivity and resistance to the beats of sound.
  • * WOODEN BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS- HDAA wood is a natural polymer of high density that generates a rigid and dense material. These properties PREVENT vibration and leakage of sound, enabling a more accurate, efficient and sustainable performance.
  • Works with ALEXA - connects seemlessly and provides full voice control along with great sound
Discover highly captivating, realistic sound with the German-designed Thonet and Vander Kürbis BT speaker system. Audio purity is the hallmark of these Bluetooth speakers, which excel at delivering exquisitely balanced frequencies-from extreme bass lows to crystal treble tones. It's a multi-sensory listening experience for any setting! No distortion, even at high volumes. 340 WATTS of peak power provide impressive and sustainable volume in this medium-sized speaker system. HAMMER BASSTM technology unleashes the deepest bass sounds with body-shaking intensity while DRONE FXTM technology ensures that no details are lost in audio translation. The 1" silk tweeter delivers ultra-pure high tones and the 5.25" Aramid fiber woofer further enhances bass performance. An ANTIMAGNETIC SHIELD helps provide crisp sound. Covered with protective mesh cloth, the speaker boxes are constructed of high-density natural polymer that prevents sound leakage and vibration far better than typical fiberboard material. Thonet and Vander Kürbis BT speakers are equipped with advanced Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing you to stream music via your smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device. An RCA input even lets you connect them to your TV or gaming system for amazing sound clarity and power. Makes the perfect all-occasion GIFT for audiophiles and music lovers of all ages. **Rated "#1 BEST SPEAKER" by PC MAGAZINE!** This system is an INCREDIBLE VALUE for the money!