• SUPER GRIP: Specially designed vent clip made from Super Grip TPE won't slip like other cheap silicone vent mounts
  • MOUNT IN SECONDS: Slide mount over almost any vent. Use any Rokform magnetic case or use the supplied inserts to mount almost any phone or case
  • ANTI SLIP MAGNETIC FACE: Specially designed TPE anti slip grip allows solid non-slip mounting in portrait and landscape. No more sliding and constant adjustment
  • MACHINED ALUMINUM: Screw on bezel holds front grip securely in place and won't peel off like other lesser quality glued together mounts
  • MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY: Specially designed Neodymium magnet will not negatively impact your GPS, credit cards, Wi-Fi, Apple Pay, Bluetooth, camera or data transfer

The Toughest Materials Around Precision crafted from durable anti slip TPU and machined aluminum. Unlike other cheap vent mounts ours is carefully crafted using the best materials. Lower cost silicone mounts slip off the vent and need to be constantly adjusted. Our special TPE compound won’t slip off and stays where you put it. Our CNC machined aluminum screw on bezel securely holds the front grip in place so our special TPE Grip won’t peel off like other cheap glued together silicone mounts. Safe Magnetic Technology Rokform broke new ground with our Roksafe magnetic mounting system for the iPhone and Galaxy smartphones. Our rare earth neodymium magnets will not affect your GPS navigation or credit cards! They have been proven infinitely useful and safe since 2011. Works with all Rokform Magnetic cases. Want a completely hands-free experience? The Rokform Vent mount is super easy to use and securely mounts to your vent in seconds with no tools or adhesives. Enjoy hands-free GPS Navigation and more with ease as well as remove and transfer to other vehicles in seconds. Made from Super Grip TPE and Machined aluminum the Rokform Vent mount is built to last and perform day in and day out. Will the magnet effect my phone? NO. Manufacturers have been using magnets in phones and tablets for years. Our specially designed rare earth magnets are proven safe for all smartphones and tablets. In a product overview from MacWorld they said "magnet based accessories are safe to use on iPads and pose no threat of scrambling interior electronics.” Our magnets will not harm your credit cards either. Magnets will only affect spinning hard drives found in old laptop and desktop computers. With the magnet installed it may also affect wireless charging and electronic stylus operation. The magnet also may affect a hotel key but then again what doesn't? Bottom line, our magnets are safe but don’t set your phone on your old computer or your hotel key.