6 High Powered Bluetooth Speakers Perfect For Annoying Your Neighbors

When it comes to annoying one's neighbor, there is no more time honored tradition or proven approach than playing loud obnoxious music, especially at all hours of the night.

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The Musical Flower Pot

There is probably nothing more ridiculous in this world than a musical flower pot, and yet here it is. And it is awesome.

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Teknid Picks

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❤♫ Play Piano on a Real Plant -Touch and play She's a Bluetooth Speaker, an Atmosphere Lamp,a Flowerpot,a Fancy Desk Clock and a Decompression Toy. You can simply connect it with your device via Blue...
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Robot Vacuums To The Rescue

Vacuuming sucks, both literally and figuratively. You can spend hours vacuuming, and there is just going to be more dirt tomorrow.

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10 Incredibly Protective Cell Phone Cases

There is nothing worse than the sickening sound of hearing your cell phone hit the ground. It's worse than a death in the family. Sadly, everyone drops their cell phone.

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5 Indoor Drones Perfect For Terrorizing Your Cat

First of all, let us say that we at Teknid would never condone the use of drones, or any other gadget for that matter, to torment cats.

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